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Program features

  • Support of Rhythms with 12, 4 and 3 beats
  • Several typical percussion- and hand-clapping patterns are available for each flamenco style
  • Additional patterns are available for practicing Contratiempos (off-beats) and Tresillos (triples)
  • The metronome plays 20-300 beats per minute
  • The tempo of the metronome can be increased automatically for practicing purposes
  • Hand-clapping or percussion with the Cajón (a commonly used percussion instrument in flamenco) may be selected
  • Different counting schemes are supported (e.g. for Siguiriyas, or for Bulería por 12 and por 6)
  • For tuning the guitar the metronome can play the A (440 Hz)
  • Different "skins" allow to change the look of the program to your individual preferences
  • The metronome supports the languages Spanisch, Englisch, German, French, and Italian

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