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Problems with compás?

Don't know if your falseta fits in the compás?
Don't know how long your step pattern should be?
Getting faster or inacurate when performing?

Then try Compás flamenco!


Compás flamenco is a flamenco metronome for your personal computer. Compás flamenco is an invaluable tool for learning to play and dance "a compás". Rhythm and Compás is everything in Flamenco! Compás flamenco helps you to...


  • learn all different types of flamenco rhythms
  • test your step patterns or guitar falsetas
  • practice rhythmic accuracy
  • train your contratiempos (off-beats)
  • have fun with many typical hand clapping and percussive variations!

Download Compás flamenco and try it yourself! You may additionally find an introduction into the most frequent flamenco styles in the section introduction to the palos. For current prices click "Buy it!".













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